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Prescription glasses for procurement myopia

The procurement principle is simple: “Go for the lowest bidder, with highest quality/value”. Translating this principle to reality is often a daunting task. In this blog, I will discuss a slightly different issue. “How to evaluate vendors who have quoted the same cost, assuming they all provide the same quality/value“. Of course, it is a … Continue reading

Fast tracking 800+ criteria ITSM tool selection

Over the years, the scope of IT Service Management framework has broadened. IT SM tools also reflect these changes covering the life cycle processes and each vendor adding their own flavor. Comparing the tools can be a daunting process. Earlier I have written an article to use a “short cut” approach. (https://psymphony.wordpress.com/2013/06/13/how-to-choose-a-perfect-service-deskitsm-tool-in-5-days/) However, for many … Continue reading

Top 3 Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) tools – “Do it yourself” approach!

Are you wondering why there is a need for another “top-X” blog? There are couple of web sites that list the top-10 Portfolio and Project Management tools. The Gartner Magic quadrant also includes comparison of PPM vendors which should give a good indication of the market. However, there are limitations of the top-10 web sites … Continue reading

How to choose a perfect Service Desk/ITSM tool in 5 days?

Yes, you read the title correctly. The selection window is only 5 days, not 5 months. Before I begin let me clarify. This article is targeted at the person – YOU – who have been called by your boss on a Monday morning at 8:30 Am. Boss tells you that a Service Desk/ITSM tool has … Continue reading

Top Ten BPM tools you cannot ignore!

Purpose: This report gives ranks the Business Process Management (BPM) tools based on a selection criteria. The report is generated using the tool Kloudax Comparison Assistant (KCA). (http://kloudax.net.au/software/). KCA compares documents and websites based on keywords grouped into multiple selection criteria. BPM tool comparison report is based purely based on the information available in vendor … Continue reading

Procurement in Google Age

My first glimpse of procurement function happened roughly 20 years back (the days when my moustache was black!). I was working at a Government department at India. I needed to buy electronic components for a digital circuit I designed. (Electronic engineers out there – do you still remember, Karnaugh map?). I had to travel from … Continue reading