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Measure – set a baseline

In this blog I will discuss about measuring the past performance of our Electricity usage. As I mentioned in the previous blogs we set a goal of reducing our household power consumption by 30%. We did not have any basis at that time since we did not have any measurements. I collected the previous electricity … Continue reading

Motivating the team

One of the challenges in any business improvement project is to motivate the team and more importantly, sustaining the motivation through out the program. I believe that people are self-motivated. Unfortunately their other environmental factors that kill their motivation.  So, instead of looking at the ways to motivate a person, we need to focus on … Continue reading

Defining goals

In December 2009, during one of usual dining table discussions, we talked about reducing power bills.  Of course, each of had our own “pet ideas”. My wife squarely blamed the kids for not switching off the lights. I blamed her for using a portable heater during winter. She blamed me for using the air conditioner … Continue reading

Green Home

This is my first blog.  I postponed my urge to blog, until I have something useful to share with you, my reader! I found one. I have an  issue. My power (electricity) bills were very high. We moved to my current house few years back and I noticed we do not have any control over … Continue reading