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Cloud Computing – Dilbert Spoof

In many management and technical presentations, we see Dilbert cartoons. Some of them may be thought provoking. Some could be simply misleading. If any message is over simplified, one needs to be careful – whether it is coming from a Dilbert cartoon or a marketing person. Here is my spoof on Dilbert. Let me know … Continue reading

Top 3 Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) tools – “Do it yourself” approach!

Are you wondering why there is a need for another “top-X” blog? There are couple of web sites that list the top-10 Portfolio and Project Management tools. The Gartner Magic quadrant also includes comparison of PPM vendors which should give a good indication of the market. However, there are limitations of the top-10 web sites … Continue reading

How to choose a perfect Service Desk/ITSM tool in 5 days?

Yes, you read the title correctly. The selection window is only 5 days, not 5 months. Before I begin let me clarify. This article is targeted at the person – YOU – who have been called by your boss on a Monday morning at 8:30 Am. Boss tells you that a Service Desk/ITSM tool has … Continue reading

Top Ten BPM tools you cannot ignore!

Purpose: This report gives ranks the Business Process Management (BPM) tools based on a selection criteria. The report is generated using the tool Kloudax Comparison Assistant (KCA). (http://kloudax.net.au/software/). KCA compares documents and websites based on keywords grouped into multiple selection criteria. BPM tool comparison report is based purely based on the information available in vendor … Continue reading

Procurement in Google Age

My first glimpse of procurement function happened roughly 20 years back (the days when my moustache was black!). I was working at a Government department at India. I needed to buy electronic components for a digital circuit I designed. (Electronic engineers out there – do you still remember, Karnaugh map?). I had to travel from … Continue reading

Need to align strategic sourcing with cloud service delivery!

I believe the current practices are not adequate to manage the dynamics of cloud computing services. It does not mean you cannot purchase or subscribe to a popular SaaS CRM offering. However, your selection may not be an optimum choice. Why? Because there is a misalignment between procurement processes and the cloud service delivery model. … Continue reading

Cloud computing – vendor neutral certification options

I started researching about cloud computing in early 2011.  From that time, I have been exploring to get an entry level, vendor neutral certification.   This year (2012), I managed to find few certifications that met my requirements.  Make no mistake – these certifications do not make you an expert in the field. But, at a … Continue reading

IaaS comparison for Australian Businesses

Last month I received a call from a person who introduced himself as an Electricity broker. He told who the cheapest provider in my locality is. He also gave me a discount for my current provider – the catch is I have to lock-in for 3 years. The offer was good and took it. Yesterday … Continue reading

9 Cloud Project Management tools that could help your business–part 3

  This is the final installment of the 3 part blog on cloud PM tool. In the previous blog I classified the tools in 5 categories and addressed the first 3 categories. In this blog, let us visit the last two categories and summarise our findings. These are the categories:   We covered Portfolio Management, … Continue reading

9 Cloud Project Management tools that could help your business– part 2

  In this series of blogs ( 3 parts) I will introduce to 9 Project Management tools that can be relevant to your business. I used a broad brush approach to evaluate the tools based on the publicly available information in the web site. Consider these 9 tools as candidate tools that give you an … Continue reading